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Manufacturer of Home-Dome and Pro-Dome Observatories

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Some of the more common replacement parts are listed below.


Product Name: ED Wheels and Belts
Part Number: EDW
Price (US$): 19.00; 8.00
Product Description: The wheels and belts used on the ED Drive assemblies need to be replaced from time to time. They are very durable and wear is usually associated with operation problems. The "grooved" wheels are $19 each and the belts are $7 each. An instruction sheet is included.  
Product Name: ES Pulley Upgrade
Part Number: ESP
Price (US$): 95.00; 120.00
Product Description: In 2005 a new cable pulley system was developed for the ES6 and ES10 electric shutter. The reduction of friction and smoother operation made it a viable upgrade from the older "channel" setups. The kit is made up of single and double pulleys (5 for the ED6 and 7 for the ES10) and in most cases can use the existing holes from the channel clamps.
Product Name: ES Cables
Part Number: ESC
Price (US$): 50.00; 90.00
Product Description: The cable used in the ES6 and ES10 electric shutters is stainless steel (16 strand) and very durable. If the cable does need replacement we sell pairs for the ES6/10 ($50) and ES15 ($90.00).  
Product Name: Wheels
Part Number: RW1
Price (US$): 10.00
Product Description: The dome DSR rides/rotates  on 3" wheels. These wheels are made in Germany and have a very high quality sealed bearing. The hard rubber material is very hard ad durable. Replacements can be mounted through the splice plate or DSR swing out at the reverse flange access hole.
Product Name: Side Rollers
Part Number: SR1
Price (US$): 3.00
Product Description: Side rollers prevent the DSR flange from coming in contact with the base wall as the dome rotates. The most common cause requiring replacement is when a side roller binds and no longer turns - resulting in a flat edge from wear. Replacements are mounted same as wheels (see above).
Product Name: Wind Restraint System
Part Number: WRS
Price (US$): 95.00
Product Description: The current wind restraint was developed in 1999 and bumps the maximum wind speed well in excess of 110mph.The system is mounted on the outside of the dome basically holding down the top shutter with cables running trough j-guides and down to the rear shutter catchers. When a dome sustains damage (for example a wind just with the shutter open), it is often best to replace the entire system  
Product Name: Deadbolt Lock
Part Number: DB1
Price (US$): 65.00; 65.00; 75.00
Product Description: We manufacture an external deadbolt locking system (through front shutter flanges and dome shutter flanges) that can be installed on PD6, PD10 and PD15 domes. The domes mounted on structures are not normally at risk of someone attempting to enter through shutter, but the lock is available for these domes as an option if owner feels that level of security is necessary.
Product Name: Soffit
Part Number: SO1
Price (US$): 50.00; 60.00
Product Description: A rear soffit piece in matching fiberglass material is offered to close the rear gap where the curved base ring matches up with the straight edge of the rear shutter panel. These soffits come as standard features on the PD10 and PD15 domes and are offered as optional items on the HD10 ($40) and HD15 ($50).  
Product Name: Glide Strips
Part Number: GL1
Price (US$): 40.00; 80.00
Product Description: Glide strips are mounted on the inside surface of the front shutter section to reduce friction between the upper shutter and the dome shutter flange it "rides" upon. We sell replacement sets for 6/10 foot ($32) and the 15 foot domes ($50).
Product Name: USB to Serial Adapter
Part Number: USB
Price (US$): 23.00
Product Description: Computer connections for both Digital Dome Works and RoboFocus are "serial" RS232. Most newer computers have only USB ports. Fortunately both of those systems work very well with both serial to USB adapters and hubs. We have a small single unit which is very easy to setup and has had no reported prolems.  
Product Name: TI Software
Part Number: none
Price (US$): 0.00
Product Description: Technical Innovations has developed and maintains several software programs (including the most popular RoboFocus and DDW control programs). Once purchased (with the corresponding hardware packages), there are never additional charges for replacement copies, enhancements or new releases.