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We are pleased to present the following photos representing our RoboDome line

The featured RoboDome is mounted on an extended deck in Italy. The small footprint and low profile allows the use of the RoboDome where installing  larger observatories would be difficult or impossible. Designed to be fully robotic and operated remotely the RoboDome can easily house a Meade 10" LX200 and full range of accessories and CCD imaging equipment.   

This inside shot of the RoboDome shows the space available for setting up the equipment. The diameter at the "equatorial plane" is a full 36 inches. Note the area in the back where a laptop could be installed if desired. The entire upper dome section can easily be lifted out of place by simply removing the four clips at the ring level. This greatly eases the installation of the telescope and when changing cameras and other equipment.

The shutter on the RoboDome is a single piece, which curves down nearly to the base when opening to allow the slot to go beyond the zenith. It is run with a gear/rail mechanism and takes only about 10 seconds to open and close. The wide opening (24 inches) allows for a reasonable "dead-zone" (the space within which the telescope can continue to track before slaving makes an adjustment to the dome position.   

The RoboDome comes completely assembled and with all electronics installed. The 12vDC power supply and Digital Dome Works (DDW) automation hardware are installed at the front of the dome base. The space at the rear of the dome base can be used to store small equipment, including a laptop if the desire is to be able to run a single communication line (or utilize a wireless link ) to the warm room/office.