Technical Innovations

Manufacturer of Home-Dome and Pro-Dome Observatories

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We offer a complete line of observatory accessories
to ease operation and enhance remote control capability.

This installation involved the Technical Innovations DDW automation package on an Ash dome. TI provided the interfaces to both shutters operation (blue box shown in photo), rotation control, and a new  power/communication transfer system. The transfer system is a "sliding contact" concept with heavy duty 12" copper contact strips (rotating with dome) and "finger" contacts in a frame (fixed to the lower dome base).
Since this dome is open to the public for astronomy events, a protection  panel was erected in front of the transfer system to prevent accidental contact (one panel is removed from the frame in photo). Technical Innovations works closely with owners of non-TI domes wishing to automate to assure all custom needs are met.         

The photo at the right is of an Ash dome "push button" control panel which has been modified by Technical Innovations, including the automation interface (aluminum box). This installation provides the ability to continue use of the push button controls when the DDW software is not actively engaged with the observatory. DDW also has a small hand control to operate the observatory functions.

The Technical Innovations RoboFocus system is installed on more than 4,000 telescopes on all seven continents (five units are at the French research station in Antarctica). For more details visit the RoboFocus web site at