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Photos-10' Domes

We are pleased to present the following photos representing our 10 foot line


The featured observatory was designed to match the adobe construction of the main home next to it. The HD10 is designed to be mounted on an existing (or new) structure and this 12 foot square is a common design.   Note that the dome was produced in a custom color which would blend in with the structure color scheme and surrounding environment. Power and communication lines, buried in conduits at construction time, provides the opportunity to turn the dome into a remotely controlled observatory - even if "remote" means next to the house. 

J. Grosso, NM 


G.C. Sahuariti, AZ

R.M. Lyons, CO

J.O. Poolesville, MD

J.P. Sudbury, MA

R.C. Charlottesville, VA

T.L. Idaho Falls, ID

Brinton Observatory, VA

J.G. Lavon, TX

W.B. Mickleton, NJ

G.H. Mexico

T.L. Idaho Falls, ID

M.M. Greece

C.M. Mount Shasta, CA

R.S. Pahrump, NV

E.D. Charlottesville, VA

J.S. Chicago, IL

, Canary Islands

D.Y. Westwood, MA

A.S. Bellevue, WA

D.F. Shady Shores, TX

S&R Astro Society, United Kingdom

T.L. Idaho Falls, ID

D.S. Waterloo, IN

G.R. Ellisville, MO

Y.H. Quebec, Canada

R.S. Joliet, MT

R.H. Pomfret, VT

School, Mukwonago, WI

B.G. Henniker, NH

J.S. Felicity, OH

M.W. Spotsylvania, VA

T.S. Franktown, CO

G.R. Ellisville, MO

School, Trumbull, CT

R.M. Payson, AZ

M.W. Spotsylvania, VA

E.V. Czech Republic

C.H. West Dundee, IL

At the right is a "typical" PD10 interior. The area inside the dome is large enough to hold two or three visitors, plus create a workspace area to hold computer, books and logs, equipment and miscellaneous astronomy related items.