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Product Photos

                                                                 We are proud to present a small sampling of customer observatories
                                       A special thanks to everyone sending in photos and personal web links.

We feel that one of the best ways to become familiar with our products is to be exposed to the actual working observatories  put together by our customers around the world. All photos included in the Dome categories on the left have been provided to Technical Innovations by customers, with the permission to be included on this site. For privacy reasons, we have not fully indentified each astronomer, but we are happy to request permission for direct contact when interest extends beyond the information provide on this site. Also check the "Links" page on this web site where you can be directed to astronomer web sites with even more detail on their observatory operation. We will continue to request photos and links from our customers and update this web site with additions provided.

The TI/AAG CloudWatcher System offers astronomers a low cost solution for accurate cloud detection and sky monitoring. Sky temperature is measured by means of an infra-red sensor; rain by a sensor pad; light conditions via a Light Dependent Resistor (LDR); and ambient temperature by means of a Negative Coefficient Thermistor. Directly connects through DDW with dome interlocks. 

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6' Dome Photos

Featuring the HD6 and PD6 Observatory Domes
Link at left or above

10' Dome Photos

Featuring the HD10 and PD10 Observatory Domes
Link at left or above

15' Dome Photos

Featuring the HD15 and PD15 Observatory Domes
Link at left or above


Featuring the RoboDome Observatory Dome
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